Hilary Kitson Psychotherapist

Hello and welcome. My name is Hilary Kitson. I offer psychotherapy and counselling services to help you find healing and unlock the possibilities and potentials that you have within you.

People seek psychotherapy and counselling for different reasons. They may be in need of emotional and psychological support to help them through a time of crisis; they may feel stuck with some aspect of their life that they want to change; they may be carrying wounds from old life experiences that are continuing to cause pain; or they may simply want to become a better version of themselves.

I offer a confidential, supported space where you can explore whatever it is that you need help with. I can help you to develop a much greater awareness of yourself, why you experience the world in the way that you do, and the impact that this might be having both on your relationships with others and your relationship with yourself. With increased awareness comes the potential for change, and the most empowering kind of change comes from within.